Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Official..... I am a Blogger

I have been thinking, and thinking for quite some time should I start a blog. I know I like to talk but would it translate well into blogging. Do I really know what I am doing? Would anybody follow? What do I have to offer? Well many moons later and a cake competition prompting  (more about that in the next post) here I am. 

Welcome to my blog. As the title says I am a scratch baker. I  strongly like all (at least most) things from scratch including making pinatas. For those of you who know me well. This is going to be a blog mostly about baking, especially from scratch and my adventures of doing it. I will have some tutorials on cake decorating but that's it for now!! Let the adventure begin.


  1. That's great! What's the address? I'll look for ya, because I'm also a blogger.

  2. Duh!!! If i'd read carefully, I'd see that THIS title IS your blog name...

  3. That was a great tutorial. I saw your cake in Dallas. It was well done. Thanks for sharing!